is a free resource for parametric flat patterns. It is intended to be a community based upon creating and sharing flat patterns that users can manipulate using their own measurements and parameters. As of right now, all content is being produced by me, but I will be looking to add user functionality as things progress.

Flat patterns have long been passed down to users through prints on tissue paper, and more recently as pdfs. These patterns, designed by highly capable and skilled designers, are generally designed and graded based on "normal" measurements of the population. But who amongst us is exactly "normal"? The power of the Web has progressed to a point where it is possible to change this paradigm. This website is an attempt to empower people to create.

The patterns and blocks are based on reputable sources, such as Winifred Aldrich and the Burda Style website. Please feel free to contact me at justincouchdesign at gmail dot com if you have any questions, comments, criticisms, or suggestions.